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Original Launch EasyDiag for IOS/Android Bluetooth OBDII Generic Code Reader

Original Launch EasyDiag for IOS/Android Bluetooth OBDII Generic Code Reader

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EasyDiag is based on iOS/Android operation system design, research and development, is an internet vehicle trouble diagnosis tester customized for mobile intelligent terminals. After being connected with mobile terminal through Bluetooth, it achieves for x-431 serial product the full diagnostic functions, which include reading DTCs(diagnosis trouble code), clearing DTCs, reading data stream,action test and special functions, Meanwhile, through your intelligent mobile terminal, you can access internet to get your demanded information, share and exchange information, etc.

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by Mr.osama salama on Jul 6, 2019
i bought this devise on 2017 and downloaded software for Ford then updated it ,but it is not working at all
Replied by Joanna on Jul 7, 2019
Hi friend,

May I know where did you bought the connector? thanks.
by Pavel on Mar 30, 2018
does not open the bought opel brand. Writes that the error try again.
Replied by Angela on Mar 30, 2018
Hi dear friend

You have bought the opel software from official site? and can you tell me the order number? we need to check where you bought it.

Best regards

by Mr.Amangeldy Kaybagarov on Mar 9, 2018
hello,I bought EasyDiag 2.0 number 968590158792 and bought a program for BMW, activated 2017-10-04.user Aleksey169.everything worked fine.but 2018-03-08 when enabled,the message came out *Unknown error occurred when query activation code, please retry again*to carry out the diagnosis did not work, I tried several times.what to do?
by on Nov 24, 2017
xin chao toi rat thich san pham cua cac ban rat tot cho nguoi tho
Replied by Bella on Dec 22, 2017
xin chào
bạn có muốn mua sản phẩm này?
Bạn muốn bao nhiêu?
bạn có thể đặt hàng trên trang web
sau đó chúng ta có thể sắp xếp việc vận chuyển
bất kỳ câu hỏi nào khác xin vui lòng cho chúng tôi biết
Cảm ơn
by Mr.phamlong on Oct 9, 2017
Replied by Bella on Oct 17, 2017


by Mr.Aram Simonian on Jun 30, 2017
I get it and thanks for this
by Mr.Kenneth Thorsen on Jun 24, 2017
WOW WOW WOW - can you guess i am impressed with it. I used the kit to clear an engine light from my C Class and was very impressed with the service.
by Mr.Kenneth Thorsen on Jun 24, 2017
I bought this kit a few days ago, very impressed with the vehicle coverage and what it can do. I had a cheaper kit and although the screens looked good on it, it was very limited on what it could do. The EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS is MUCH better and allows me to diagnose ALL systems and give fantastic live data etc.. my advice is to not waste your money on the cheap poor kits, this is the future of auto diagnostics i can guarantee it.
by Mr.Peter Hansen on Jun 24, 2017
All is good and i have so far diagnosed a check engine light in my Audi (it needed an O2 sensor) and the ABS light in my Mercedes E Class (needed an ABS sensor). The guys at Diagnostic world helped me make the purchase and gave me good advice on a kit that was suitable for my needs.
by Mr.Michael Gebre on Jun 24, 2017
bought this and couldn't figure out how to download the free software for VW but i had the language on the wrong setting, i changed it to my location and then it all became clear (maybe a message to tell me this might have been handy) other than that, the ABS light on my Jetta was illuminated and now it is clear (thanks to this kit and a new ABS sensor) A++++
by Mr.Greg Koellhoffer on Jun 24, 2017
I bought this to diagnose and hopefully reset the airbag light on my BMW X3. You can download 2 free software sets (to diagnose ALL systems) so i opted for BMW and Mercedes (because my wife owns an A Class) anyway the software is pretty easy to set up, and within about 10 minutes i was in the car and managed to find a problem was a seat sensor which i had replaced and then cleared the codes. The airbag light & message is now gone from the dash. Very happy with this kit a good investment.
by Mr.Edward Clarke on Jun 15, 2017
do you have enough easydiag in stock now?
i want to buy can you offer me the wholesale price?
by Mr.Mowafak Soltan on Jun 15, 2017
if i order 200pcs what is the best price for me?
by Mr.Carlos Gutierrez on Jun 15, 2017
How can i buy the software
by Mr.JOSE AMADO on Jun 15, 2017
i just order 100pcs for my shop,fast shipping and excellent service
by Mr.yusuf ornek on Jun 1, 2017
It is small one but easy for use
by Mr.patrick baidoo on Jun 1, 2017
What Launch x-431 device can reprogram keys for 2003 Honda Pilot inexpensively?
by Mr.greg stockton on Jun 1, 2017
Can i reprogram a key to a 98 honda accord with the x431
by Mr.enzo on Apr 28, 2017
E' disponibile questo tool di colore giallo grazie This yellow tool is available thanks

Original Launch EasyDiag for IOS/Android Bluetooth OBDII Generic Code Reader Free Shipping
Replied by Bella on May 3, 2017
Hi sir

Good day and thanks for your message

It is not in stock now if later has and we will tell you , ok?

and maybe you can try for sc301-b and here is the link
it is very good with the special function



by Mr.david on Aug 26, 2016
easy to use and work well
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