DIY diagnose & do special function on VW by Launch Golo M-diag Lite

Continue to share Launch Golo M-diag Lite test report on VW to achieve DIY diagnosis & do special function.

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Register & active adapter is easy, or by following the tutorial:

Let’s go!

Brake block replace
Service/fuel light reset and setup
 1.Driving mileage service period reset and setup.
 2.Driving time service period reset and setup.
 3.Fuel service period reset and setup:reset and set up fuel quality,fuel mileage,fuel time.
Powertrain special function
 1.Idle matching adaption
 2.Throttle basic settings
Chassis special function
 1.Steering angle sensor calibration
 2.Headlight adjustment
Special functions for certain systems
 1.TV activation
 2.Replace battery
 3.Clear adaptative value
 4.Password mileage writing and reading
 5.EGR value adaption
 6.Basic setting for automatic transmission
 7.Remote control key clearing/matching
 9.Fuel level sensor adaption
 10.Airbag disable/enable
 11.Vehicle language selection
 12.Basic setting for A/C & Heating
 13.New airbag control module program
 14.Key Matching
 15.Airbag reset
 16.ECU function setting program
Change mileage and read matching key password.
This diagnostic software can test for Volkswagen ECUs,including:
 01 engine,02 automatic transmission,03 brake,08 A/C & Heating,25 anti-theft,47 audio,15 airbag,16 steering,44 power assisted steering,35 center door lock,17 dashboard,19 gateway data bus,26 electromotive trap door control,29 vehicle left light control,39 vehicle right light control,37 navigation,45 internal monitor,46 central module,61 battery control,76 parking auxiliary,09 electrical center electronic device,55 headlight range control,56 radio,53 parking brake,etc systems.
VW model coverage:
Caddy,Corrado,Golf Cabrio,Eos,Fox,Golf Citi,Golf II,Jetta II,Golf III,Vento III,Golf IV,Bora IV,Jetta IV,Golf V,Jetta V,Golf VI,Jetta VI,Gol/Par/Sav/Poi,Gol Specia,New Beetle NAR,New Bettle,New Bettle Cab,Touareg,Touareg NAR,New Bora,Lavida,Lapo,Passat B3,Passat B4,Passat B5,Passat B6,Passat CC,Phaeton D1,Polo,Polo Classic Scirocco,Sharan I,Tiguan,Tiguan NAR,Transporter,New Bettle Cab NAR
Basic Functions include:
 1.Reading ECU informaiton
 2.Reading DTCs
 3.Clearing DTCs
 5.Reading vehicle running data
 6.Vehicle component operation test
Special Functions include:
 Recoding after replacing ECU.