How to Regirster and Download Software for Launch Creader VII?


How to Register and Download Software for Launch Creader VII?

Launch Creader VII covers all functions of Launch Creader VI, additionally you can download 5 car models, this code reader supports all system diagnose, including Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission and so on. Creader VII does not need to activate now .

1. When you receive your Creader VII, just go to to register it.

2. Firstly you need to register a CC account, then use this account to log in and register your Creader VII. Product type you need to input is Creader VII, input serial number, register password(it can be found in"HELP" inside the unit) Our dealer code is 86A.

3.. After finish regirstering, you can download 5 types of  car model to your CF card.After downloading, put  your CF card back to your device, then you can do the chosen car model all systems with your Launch Creader VII .