Launch easydiag 2.0 plus diagnose Maruti Hyundai

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Original Launch EasyDiag for IOS/Android Bluetooth OBDII Generic Code Reader

Original Launch EasyDiag for IOS/Android Bluetooth OBDII Generic Code Reader

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EasyDiag is based on iOS/Android operation system design, research and development, is an internet vehicle trouble diagnosis tester customized for mobile intelligent terminals. After being connected with mobile terminal through Bluetooth, it achieves for x-431 serial product the full diagnostic functions, which include reading DTCs(diagnosis trouble code), clearing DTCs, reading data stream,action test and special functions, Meanwhile, through your intelligent mobile terminal, you can access internet to get your demanded information, share and exchange information, etc.

Using ELM 327 OBD II Bluetooth for 4 years+, and I was longing to explore further into this and read out more data out of my cars ECU which wasn't enough from the ELM + Torque App combination. My motto behind this scanner is to learn and see how the car perform during my daily drive. Shall keep recording data and reading it when I reach home to see how the different parameters are and their relations.


Being in regular contact with, several days ago the customer service casually  recommends to look at Launch easydiag 2.0 plus which we was using since a while so I decided to go ahead and buy it.


Cost of the unit: $89 

After unpacking, downloaded the software "EasyDiag" from Play store (Free of Cost) and registered me as a user and the OBD connector using the Serial Number and the password given along in the sales package.


The specialty is this comes with TWO free manufacturer software’s options that is FREE after which it is $US 30-35!


I was confused which other manufacturer software to choose as we are solely Maruti customers. I chose:




I will give the below data pertaining to Maruti Suzuki and the car in question is Swift ZDi (2013 Make). It gives out live data and in the form of graphs. Also it records the data and saves it for later use in the form of .txt format which is readable by all computers and smartphones.


This scanner reads out the following:

Engine Control








I am yet to get free time to explore all of the above which I will in due course time. I have only briefly looked at Engine Control and its options.


Launch easydiag 2.0 plus outlook I received:

Full package incl. adapter, package and quick start guide sheet:


16 pin


Quick start guide sheet:


Logo's and Numbers:



How to use Launch Easydiag 2.0 plus to perform diagnose Maruti?

EasyDiag Main Menu:

launch easydiag-05

Cars that can be tested under the Maruti Umbrella:

launch easydiag-06

More Cars under Maruti umbrella:

launch easydiag-07


After I selected - Maruti Swift (No.11), this is :


Testing Parameters:

launch easydiag-08


Under Engine Control:

launch easydiag-09


Selected Diesel Engine:

launch easydiag-10


No Fault Code:

launch easydiag-11


Parameters under Engine Control - Current Data:

launch easydiag-12 launch easydiag-13 launch easydiag-14


A sample of the data being obtained @ Idle:

launch easydiag-15

A sample of the recording and data saving in the graphs form:

launch easydiag-16 launch easydiag-17