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Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner Update Version of GX3 Back to sell

Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner Update Version of GX3 Back to sell

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Launch X431 IV GX4 Auto Scanner is a powerful scanner tool from Launch, which improves the features and functions based on all feedback from the users' served by X431 in their respective fields of works. Launch X431 IV perform better than X431 Master. X431 IV can disgnose Australian Holden and Ford, Indian car models.Supports 12V diesel cars.Now,X431 IV allows you to update by one-click.

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LAUNCH X431 IV supported car models:
launch x431 iv support car list

What is the difference between X431 IV and X431 Master? Which one is better?

1. Function.
X431 IV covers all function of X431 Master, X431 IV scan speed is faster than X431 Master, performances better than X431 Master. Launch company developed X431 IV based on X431 Master . X431 IV Main unit, SMARTBOX and Mini printer they are a whole unit  permanently connected, the communication time between Smartbox and main unit is reduced and solve the communication stop problem that frequently insert and pull to cause a loose connection among the three components.

2. Car model. X431 IV contains about 72 car models, including Australian Holden,ford, India domestic car models and all other car models that X431 Master supports. X431 Master only supports 52 car models.

3. Language. X431 IV supports more language than X431 Master.

4. X431 IV belongs to DBSCAR system. Customer can regirster a CC account from DBSCAR website, and communicate with other engineer or car owner for car repair problem. Also you can obtain car repair information from Launch forum.

Overall, X431 IV realizes all functions of X431 Master. Now Launch factory has stop producing X431 Master, if you have needs in it, you can choose our new generation professional Launch scan tool X431 IV.