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2 Years Free Update US/UK/EU Ship TPMS Tool Launch X431 Pro5 Full System Scanner with X-PROG3 Key Programmer & TSGUN TPMS Tool (or MCU3 Adapter for Benz All Keys Lost and ECU TCU Reading)

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4 Launch X431 PRO5: with XPROG-3 and MCU3 Adapter (or TSGUN TPMS) Launch X431 Pro5 Full System Scanner with X-PROG3 Key Programmer & TSGUN TPMS Tool (or MCU3 Adapter for Benz All Keys Lost and ECU TCU Reading) Always committed to providing the best products and services
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Product Description

  1. Package including Full Package of Launch X431 PRO5, X431 GIII PROG3 Key Programmer and X431 TSGUN TPMS Tool (or MCU3 Adapter, depends on what you choose).
  2. Supprot professional Diagnostics, Key Programming and TPMS Functions(or MCU3 Adapter for Benz All Keys Lost and ECU TCU Reading)
  3. 2 years free update online.
Launch X431 Pro5 with X-PROG3 Key Programmer & TSGUN TPMS Tool

There are 2 options in this link:

1. Launch X431 PRO5, Launch X431 X-PROG3, Launch X431 TSGUN TPMS Tool
2. Launch X431 PRO5, Launch X431 X-PROG3, Launch X431 MCU3 Adapter

Launch X431 PRO5 Bullet Points:

1. The genuine LAUNCH SCANNER X431 PRO5 is officially authorized from LAUNCH; 

2. With 2 Years Free Update Online.
3. Upgraded from LAUNCH X431 V+/PRO3/PROS V1.0/TURBO/Throttle – A rich array of future-proof functions for productive works: 1) SmartBox 3.0, J2534 ECU Programming, Intelligent AutoVIN & AutoScan, Active Tests, All System Diagnostics, VAG Guided Function, FCA AutoAuth Access, etc.; 2) advanced Online ECU Coding & Adaptations brings more personal settings; 3) 50+ service functions with more frequent updates to support more vehicles.
4. J2534 Reprogramming Tool LAUNCH X431 SmartBox 3.0 – 1) Fix the most vehicles’ problems with broad vehicle coverage; meet SAE standards for J2534-1 & -2, CANFD, DOIP and support DC9-36V (Operating voltage) for HD Vehicles (need the extra purchase of HD software, non-16pin HD adaptors); 2) also serves as a wireless VCI.
5. Support J2534 ECU Programming for Mainstream Vehicles: Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda... (Need purchase the programming application from vehicle manufacturer)
6. Advanced Intelligent Diagnostics – AutoVIN & AutoScan accelerates all-systems DTC scans that clock in at an average of < 3 minutes.
7. FCA AutoAuth Access – Bypass SGM in FCA vehicles seamlessly and within seconds; works on 2017 and later Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, etc. *Need AutoAuth subscriptions.
8. VAG Guided Function – Skip the routine procedure of entering the security access code & channel number for VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat vehicles.
9. Great Combination – Android 9.0 OS, 8-core 1.8GHz processor, 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM (128G expandable), 10.1” HD 1920*1200 touchscreen, 8MP rear & 5MP front camera, 7000 mAh battery, etc.
10. Work with Other Extended Modules: ADAS Calibration Toolkit; VSP-600 VideoScope; X431 TPMS TSGUN; BST360 Bluetooth Battery Tester; X-PROG & X-PROG3 Immobilizer.
11. Multilingual Support: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Polish, Dutch, Danish, Greek, Persian , Finnish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Extended Modules (Needs to Buy Additionally)

1. X431 ADAS Moblie/ ADAS PRO: Calibrate a wide range of camera-based & radar-based driver assistance systems
2. X431 PROG-3 Key Matching: IMMO For VAG Group Above 3.5, Vehicles that require cloning are not compatible with this accessory
3. X431 Printer (Print out diagnostic data/ reports.) 7.X431 BST360 battery test.(For Battery Cranking system Test, Battery Charging system Test, Battery Health Test)
4. Launch VSP-600 Video ScopeCheck unseen parts and give you a direct image of the engine, gears, compressors, headers and valves, and body components.
5. X431 TSGUN (Not only can you use it to activate the sensor's ID, tire pressure, sensor frequency, tire temperature, and battery status; you can also program sensor data to a blank LAUNCH brand sensor in three ways: Auto, Manual, and Activation Copy; at the same time, you It can be used to write the newly programmed sensor ID to the vehicle ECU.)
6. Launch X431 SmartLink C V2.0 Heavy Duty -LAUNCH SmartLink C V2.0 Add-on Module is an essential truck module which can turn your X431 scan tools into full function heavy duty truck diagnostic tools,working on both heavy-duty (Class 4 through 8) and medium-duty trucks (Such as heavy trucks, city buses, bulldozers, excavators, etc.)

Launch X-431 PRO

Launch X431 G3 Highlights:

1. All-in-One Key Programmer. Integrates Multiple Function Models
2. Reads & Writes Most Engine/ Gearbox ECUs Without Disassembling the Shell
3. Supports VW/ AUDI MQB Platform Engine ECU Replacement or Cloning (Read engine ECU data directly from the key).
4. Works with Reprogramming Device to Backup/ Restore Programming Data (For Bosch/Siemens engine ECU).
5. Compatible with Multiple X-431 Series Diagnostic Tablet (X-431 V, X-431 V+, X431 ProS, X-431 PAD V, X-431 PAD VII, etc)
6. Enables Reading/ Writing EEPROM, On-Board MCU, and BMW CAS4+/ FEM Chips, Mercedes-Benz Infrared Keys, Generating Special Keys, Reading BMW Engine ISN Code.
Launch X431 GIII X-PROG 3

X-PROG 3 Functions:

1. Read BMW engine ISN code.
2. Read/write BMW CAS4+ and FEM chips.
3. Read/write Audi fifth-generation steering column chips
4. Read/write EEPROM.
5. Read/write MCU.
6. VW Fourth-generation Dump Mode All Keys Lost.
7. Read engine in BENCH mode.
8. Read gearbox data.
More features are constantly updated

Supported Brands
VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota… (updates to be continued)

Supported Systems
Engine system, automatic transmission, instrument system, CAS, body system, lock system…
Launch X431 GIII X-PROG 3

Launch X431 TSGUN TPMS Service Tool


1. 1.77 inch color screen
2. Instantly read tire pressure, tire temperature and battery status
3. Diagnose tire pressure fault, including read DTC, clear DTC, etc.
4. Activate and match all 315MHz or 433MHz sensors
5. Read, copy and write the sensor ID quickly
6. Reprogram LAUNCH sensors with unlimited times
7. Built-in tire pressure learning instruction makes operation more easy
8. Cover 98% global vehicles with tire pressure system
Launch X-431 TSGUN

Unlimited Repeat Programming
LAUNCH TSGUN can program LAUNCH LTR-01 SENSOR only,vehicle model is not limited, as long as the x431 tablet can support the model can be programmed.It can program 8 LAUNCH LTR-01 SENSOR simultaneously.

3 Modes to Program LAUNCH LTR-01 SENSOR

Manually create can manually enter the original ID
Automatic creation the system automatically generates ID
Copy ID copy the old sensor ID to the LAUNCH LTR-01 SENSOR if the old sensor can still be activated


TSGUN can activate all 315/433MHz tire pressure sensors with LAUNCH X431 series tablet (8 inches and above). Use TSGUN to touch the tire pressure sensor on the tire. Press the OK button to see the sensor on the tire pressure monitoring interface of the launch x431 tablet. And collected tire pressure information, such as sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, battery status, sensor location, etc.
Visual interface, simple and easy to understand, quickly understand your tire status.
The sensor's default activation sequence : left front----right front----right rear----left rear

TPMS Diagnose(Activate all TPMS sensors before TPMS Diagnose)
Diagnose the TPMS system, read and clear the TPMS dtc, view the detailed description of the dtc, and check the status of all TPMS sensors.

Relearn 98% sensors
Quickly relearn sensors: LAUNCH TSGUN can relearn 98% of OEM TPMS sensors to the car's ECU in 3 ways
OBD Relearn: Write TPMS sensor id toTPMS module throughOBD connector
Automatic Relearn: Complete by driving
Stationary Relearn: placed in the "Learn Mode"

MCU3 Adapter 

The mcu3 adapter is not included with the xprog3. Add MCU3 adapter for more functions of X-PROG3 programmer as readings of new ECUs TCM, Mercedes all keys lost etc
Applications and advantages of the new MCU3 adapter

ADAS Advanced Driving Assist System
Audi VW MQB gearbox replacement
BMW continental msv90 engine ecu replacement and cloning
Peugeot Key Programming
Mercedes Benz transmission deleted and operating instructions vgs nag2 vgs2 nag2 and vgs3 nag2
Mercedes Benz w164 2009 Key Programming
Volkswagen Audi 5th generation engine reading engine data via direct connection and online programming and coding
For BMW E chassis 8hp EGS deleted
BMW 8hp chassis F and G delete function
Key programming cas4/cas4+ all keys lost and adding keys
Programming cas1 cas2 cas3 cas3+ lost keys and add key
CAS4 immobilizer module replacement
Replacement of Volkswagen Audi engine and reading data med17 and edc17
Mercedes Benz med9.7 ecu deleted
Volkswagen Audi Replacement 4th Generation Instrument Replacement
Engine replacement for Volkswagen Audi MED17.5.22
Programming of lost keys and adding key Porsche Cayenne 2011 2017
Cloning and virginization e39 ac delco
Power shift cloning and virginization
Nissan ecu and Tcm conversion and virgin ecu programming and calibrations
Special features in Chrysler and registration at autoauth FCA sgw
Special features in GM and Ford 

Package List:
1 full set of Launch X431 PRO5
1 full set of Xprog3 GIII
1 full set of X431 TSGUN ( or MCU3 Adapter)

Contact Information:

Whatsapp: +86  18186426016

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