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BMW Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V48.95

Compared with the previous version: 

updates as following: 

1. Added the Battery Refitting function for chassis F. 
2. Added the Oil Change and Trial Run functions for the QMVH (Side Moment Distribution) system under chassis F. 
3. Optimized the Coding function for chassis F. 
4. Optimized the Coding function for E36, E38, and R50. 
5. Optimized the Terminal 15 Activation/Deactivation function for the CAS (Car Access System) under E70. 
6. Optimized the Idle Speed Adjustment function for the ECM (Engine Control Module) under E70. 
7. Optimized the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Steering Angle Learning, DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) Sensor Calibration, and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) Unit Regulation functions for E70. 
8. Optimized the Adaptation Electronic Control Valve Limit Position for the ECM (Engine Control Module) under F01. 

Support products: 
        X431-GDS I、X431-GDS II、X431-3G II、X431-3G III、X431 IV、X-431 V、X-431 V+、Diagun III、X431 Pad、Matco PAD、X431 PAD II、X431 Pro、X431 PRO3、ScanPad071、ScanPad101、MaxGo、Maximus 2.0、iDiag、golo技师、CRP229、EasyDiag、MaxMe、golo技师合并版、Pro3s ,X431 5C,X431 5C PRO