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Comparison between Launch CRP Touch Pro and other similar tools

Comparison between Launch CRP Touch Pro and other similar tools:

Item   Autel EBS301 Autel OLS301 Launch CRP129 Maxicheck Pro Autel AD802 Launch CRP Touch Launch CRP Touch Pro
1 Specific OEM All system Scan Capablity
with Pre-OBDII Coverage
2 Remote Technical Support APP          
3 Android based Operating System          
4 Opens & Close Electronic Brake Calipers
Service Mode
5 Reads & Clears EPB Trouble Codes      
6 Performs O.E.M Functionality Tests for EPB      
7 Initializes EPB Calipers      
8 Resets the Oil Service Light  
9 Reset the Service Mileage & Service intervals    
10 Sets the inspection 1 & 2 Service Internals    
11 Sets the imspecition Mileage    
12 Resets Steering Angle Sensors(SAS)        
13 Diagnose Steering Angle System with
Live Data
14 ABS Coverage for 50+ vehicle Makes
Domestic  Asian & European
15 ABS Special Function Test Procedures
Brake Bleeding
16 SRS Coverage for 50+ vehicle makes
Domestic,Asian & European
17 SRS Special Function Test Procedures
Seat Occupancy,Data Steam
18 Resets Diesel Particulate Filter System          
19 Special Function Test Procedures DPF
Regeneration,Data Stream...
20 TPMS Diagnostic Functionality          
21 Reads,Records and Plays Back OBD2
Live Data Graphing
22 Enhanced OBD2 Coverage for Domestic
Asian & Europan Vehicle
23 Battery Registration Management          
24 Access to Internet Capability          
25 Third Party APP Expandability          
Note: This is Launch CRP Touch Pro standard package,without BMW,BENZ adapters.
If you need the BMW & Benz Adaptors,you can choose item number SC293-B Thanks