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Ford Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V46.30

Compared with the previous version: 
        updates as following: 
        1.Added the function RVC Configuration for the BCMii system of B-Max. 
        2.Added the functions Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Data Streams, Actuation Test, and Special Functions for some 2016 car models such as Focus, Mondeo, Maverick. 
        3.Added the function Engine ECU Firmware Upgrade for PADIII of some car models such as 2011 1.6L displacement Focus, 2011 2.0L displacement Mondeo, and 2013 2.0L displacement Maverick. 
        4.Optimized the quick test function. 
        5.Optimized the text libraries in Chinese and English. 
        6.Optimized the software structure. 
        Support products: 
        X431 V,X431 V+,X431V+(2016),X431V(2016),X431 Pro,X431 PRO(2016),X431 PRO3,X431 PRO3S,X431 PRO4,ScanPad071,ScanPad101,X431 PADIII,X431_HD2,Golo Master,EasyDiag2.0,CRP229,X431 PADII,EasyDiag For Android,Golo Technician,Golo Technician(merged version),X431-GDS I,X431-GDS II,X431 Pad,Matco PAD,MaxMe,Maximus2.0,MaxGo,goloEasydiag+,PRO_HD,X431PAD4, Idiag