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How to use Launch BST-460 battery tester ?

Launch X431 BST-460 battery tester supports detect common faults of both starting and generator charging systems, which helps maintenance personnel to achieve quick repair to the vehicle problems.

Then let's check how to use Launch BST-460 Battery Tester.

  1. Connect Tester

Before test Launch BST460 battery tester , clean battery poles with metal wire brush and alkaline detergent to avoid the tolerance caused by oil and dust to the test result.

Note: For Group31 or side-installed battery, install and fix the terminal wiring connector. Otherwise, inaccurate test result will be caused due to wrong installation or dirty or bad wiring connectors.

2. Ensure none of the in-vehicle electrical appliance is on, doors are closed and the ignition key is in OFF status.

Connect the red test clamp with battery anode and the black one with cathode.

Shake the clamps back and forth to make sure they are well connected.

Note: The tester requires the two clamps are well connected with the battery poles. Otherwise, the tester cannot power on. In this case,

3. Clean the poles and re-connect it properly.

Tester has reverse connection protection function. When clamps are reversely connected, tester screen will not light, but it damages.

neither the tester nor the automotive load.

Note: For parallel connected batteries, break off the cathode connection first, then do single test to each battery. Suppose

cathode connection is not cut off, there will be error in test result.

4. Battery Test

After entering battery test program, the tester will display the tester model and version approx. 2 seconds, see figure 3.


The tester will display the following contents in a sequence, select the desired items accordingly.


Free Download Launch X431 BST460 Battery Tester User Manual