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Launch EasyDiag review on Skoda: Diagnostic & Special functions Test OK

You will agree that Launch EasyDiag can work on Skoda to diagnose and perform special functions 100% OK after reading following parts (with lots pictures)



FYI, the reason to buy one Launch EasyDiag instead of big x431 tools, i. X431 V / Pro3 because itcomes with 2 free car brand software at a cheap price ($89 on, and allow me to add more car brand in the future.


Read first:

To download the car software you need first, then download Demo and EOBD for free.

Demo and EOBD also belong to one of the car model.

If you downloaded Demo and EOBD first, then you cannot download other car brand software for free.


Start to diagnose and perform special functions using Launch EasyDiag.

  1. Click on “European” then “Skoda”.



  1. Star to diagnose and reset Skoda, you can see it reads: The software can diagnose nearly a hundred of ECS of Skoda vehicle, including the menu, function and operation are the same as that of original scan tool.



  1. Please use DBSCar diagnostic connector for diagnostic testing.


  1. Function Menu incl. special function


  1. System selection


  1. Special function


Special function: reset service


reset service: Automatic setting or Manual setting

launch-easydiag-to-diag-pro3-skoda-08 launch-easydiag-to-diag-pro3-skoda-09

  1. Back to choose “Procedures”

Options: diagnostic procedures, Channel information and special function information


 Diagnostic procedure options shown as below.


 Back to choose: Channel information


  1. Back to choose “Quick Test”

launch-easydiag-to-diag-pro3-skoda-13 launch-easydiag-to-diag-pro3-skoda-14 launch-easydiag-to-diag-pro3-skoda-15

  1. Diagnostic report