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LEXUS Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V12.30

Compared with the previous version: 
 updates as following: 
1. Modified the following special functions for the Tire Pressure Monitoring System: 
a. Added the Mode Conversion function and Tire Position Writing function; 
b. Corrected the Identification Registration function. 
2. Added the following special functions for the Predictive Collision 2 system: Camera/Target Position Memory, Camera Axis Adjust, Rear Radar Sensor Check, Rear Beam Axis Adjust, Recog ECU High Temp History Reset, Control Mode, Front Beam Axis Adjustment, Front Beam Axis Misalignment Reading, Front Beam Axis Offset Reading, Initialization 
3. Optimized options on the actuation test function page and improved the option operability. 
4. Added the following special functions for the A/C system: Rear Cooling Unit Check, Blower Motor Brush Wear Amount Initialization, Refrigerant Gas Volume Check, A/C Operation Limitation History Count Clear 
5. Added the following special functions for the AFS system: Height Sensor Initialization, ECU Information Sync 
Support products:
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