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Top Customer reviews about Launch Creader CRP Touch Pro 5.0" Android Touch Screen Full System Diagnostic scanner

Customer reviews

smileyThis scan tool is not a cheap alternative to a higher price scan tool. It is more then powerful enough to hang with higher price scanners and in some areas is superior. I have used mine several times and I am very happy to say it out preforms my snap on scanner by far. My main reason for getting this scanner was because I am sick of the high cost to update snap on scanners it is absolutely sickening to pay that much for a foolish update. Once you connect this tool and select what type of vehicle it gathers all other information from the vin code. there is no need to read the vin yourself and enter in the number like you have to on other scanners. Once the scanner gathers the vin code it asks you for the chance to enter the vehicle info manually or automatically. The auto entry has never been wrong and it is super fast then all you have to do is select what you want the scanner to do....system scan..e-brake reset whatever you are doing. It is very fast and easy to use and I fully plan on buying one of the larger scanners very soon. This tool updates quickly it has amazing data selections and graphs it will access everything larger scan tools can and it's light weight and simple.

smileyThis is a good scanner for the money. Easy to operate it's Android based just like a phone. Reads and clears codes on all controllers. It's very code specific, with my experience narrows down the problem to specific sensors. Also good for graphing sensors and pressures. All makes and models even models overseas I've never even heard of. I did have a problem with mine after a couple months I believe it was a software related issue the seller was more than willing to help with the problem and tried their best to diagnose it but did offer a replacement for me which has been working fine, just a fluke occurance I believe. I would buy from them again.

smileyThe normal DTC scan no problems, but i keep getting negative responses when tryingvto do oil resets onvany vehicle except GM, states errors when trying to reset brake on BMW, its not bad for the price but definitely expected more

smileyI bought a launch pro and received it. I own a Mercedes and apparently needed a adapter, I was annoyed at first but after contacting customer service they made up for it by sending it as fast as they could .
Couldn't ask for better