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Lifetime Free Update LAUNCH Creader CRP129E OBD2 Scanner 4 System Diagnostic Tool with Oil Service/ EPB/ SAS/ Throttle Reset

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28cm*22cm*8cm     ( Inch: 11.02*8.66*3.15 )
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Product Description

LAUNCH CRP129E OBD2 scanner support ABS/SRS/TCM/Engine Code Reader, 8 Reset Service, Oil/ EPB/ TPMS/ SAS/ BMS/ Throttle Reset, Auto Vin, Lifetime Free Update, which has been selected as "Best Overall OBD2 Scanner" by editors on account of its affordability, functionality, and user-oriented design. It strives to make automotive repairs easy, efficient, accurate, and affordable for do-it-yourself to professional-level technicians.
Launch X431 CRP129E OBD2 ENG ABS SRS AT Diagnostic Oil/Brake/SAS/TPMS/ETS reset Creader 129E OBDII Code Reader Scanner pk CRP129

LAUNCH CRP129E OBD2 scanner has been selected as "Best Overall OBD2 Scanner" by editors on account of its affordability, functionality, and user-oriented design.Well-welcomed by car enthusiasts and mechanics worldwide, also highly recommended by YouTube celebrities and editors on well-known review sites.Update Version of CRP123/CRP123E, LAUNCH CRP129E add more car brands and reset function, simple the process of software update. In addition, you can make an in-app purchase for more functions in the “MALL” module. It strives to make automotive repairs easy, efficient, accurate, and affordable for do-it-yourself to professional-level technicians.

  1. Extensive Vehicle Coverage for 60+ vehicle makers across the globe(e.g. America: GM/ Ford/ Chrysler; Europe: VW/ Benz/ BMW/ Fiat; Asia: Toyota/ Honda/ Nissan/ Hyundai / Kia). 2023 Elite Version, Fixed more bugs and Upgrade makes up to 2023 models, including cars, SUVs, minvans, 12v light-duty trucks. *Check compatibility before order.
  2. 4 Systems Diagnostic Tool with deep inspection for Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission systems for a health diagnostic, retrieve ECU information, read/ erase codes, turn off warning lights.
  3. 8 Hot Services Functions: Oil Reset, TPMS Reset, Brake Reset, Throttle Adaptation, SAS Calibration; Battery Registration and etc. 8 Service maintaining your vehicle system safely and efficiently, without any fee & continuous growth.
  4. Full 10 OBD2 Tests Modes works on most OBD2 / CAN standards vehicles made from 1996 and forward. Support for all 10 test modes of OBDII with Enhanced OBDII Mode 6 - View freeze frame data and I/M Readiness monitor status.
  5. One-touch AutoVIN Scan to automatically identify make, model, and year; quickly match the car diagnostic software.(Not for all car)
  6. Automatically generate Diagnostic Report; Share via Email. Diagnostic Online Feedback, DTC LookUp Library.
  7. Intuitive Data Analysis: 1.displays live data in text and 4-in-1 merged graphs for easy data review and analysis; 2.Record and Playback test results with one touch; 3.Prints out Diagnostic Report anytime with easy connection to a Windows PC.
  8. Battery Voltage Monitor to check vehicle battery voltage status in real time.
  9. Lifetime subscription Free update via WiFi. Don't worry about missing the latest model coverage and new added functions.
  10. Advanced Hardware in Strong and Aesthetic Design: Fast Android 7.0 OS ensures a better diagnostic response without delay, 5'' touchable LCD with easy-to-read 720P clarity, Lasting 6100mAh Battery, the storage enhanced from 8G to 16GB, and the running memory up to 1.1Ghz, makes the scanner work more faster.
  11. 11 Languages Supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Polish.

4 Systems Diagnostic Tool with Deep Inspection for Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Systems:

LAUNCH CRP129E supports multi-protocol tests for a complete diagnosis. CRP 129E also supports the system diagnosis of Engine, ABS Airbag, SRS and Transmission system
  1. Transmission system: Read and clear codes and view live data in transmission systems, keeps the transmission systems output optimally adapted to the speed and load. Retrieve the error information from Automatic Transmission (AT) which is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually.
  2. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS system): Read and clear DTCs data flow in the ABS system. Performs various tests to check the operating conditions of Anti-lock Braking System, and turn off the warning light.
  3. Supplemental Restraint System (SRS System): Safety restraint system, is made up of impact sensors, a control module, and the airbags themselves, and this diagnostic device can detect every electronic parameter to check its health status.Read and clear fault code in SRS (Airbag) system and turn off warning light of airbag for making sure engine work properly and safely.
  4. Engine System: The crp129e diagnostic tool can help detect the engine ignition, fuel injection, air and fuel ratio, and exhaust emission conditions in Engine system to enhance vehicle performance, save energy and reduce exhaust emission.

LAUNCH Creader CRP129E 4 System Diagnostic

8 Hot Service Functions, Effortlessly Do the Maintenance by Yourself (Purchase More from "MALL" As Your Needs)

2023 Newly Added Service Functions:

We listen to lots of advice and needs from our customers to make LAUNCH Creader CRP129E more refined and upgraded. From Oct 2022, without any fee, LAUNCH Elite CRP129E OBD2 Scanner newly added 2 more service functions (Battery Matching, D.PF Regeneration), covers more vehicle models, fixes some bugs, which makes it an all-new and most cost-effective upgraded Version. LAUNCH always pursues high Products for you!

  • 1. [How would Oil Lamp Reset Function Help You? ]1. If the service lamp is on, you need to reset the Oil Life Reminder and switch off the Oil Light for a new calculation of the Engine Oil Life system. Your driving safety would get ensured. 2. After the replacement engine oil, you need to reset the service lamp.
  • 2. [How would Steering Angle Calibration Function Help You?] After replacing the steering angle position sensor, LAUNCH CRP129E obd2 scanner can effectively perform SAS calibration, i.e., clear the fault steering angle sensor memories, set the steering angle to zero, and turn off steering wheel warning light on supported models. You can easily set the steering in its default position and align it with the front tires.
  • 3. [What EPB Reset Function Can Do for You?] 1. Reset the brake pad after the repairs in the electronic parking brake system is done, which includes deactivation and activation of the brake control system, bleed brake fluid, open and close brake pads, and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement. 2.Diagnoses EPB caliper functionality, initializes the wear indicator if new pads are installed and deactivates or re-activates brake control system. By using this function, the braking process is therefore made much simpler and easier.
  • 4. [How would TPMS Reset Function Help You?] When replacing tire sensors, this TPMS scan tool can quickly look up the tire sensor IDs from the vehicle's ECU, performs TPMS sensor relearn procedures, reset tire pressure and turn off the tire pressure MIL. (*Note: Don't support TPMS programming.)
  • 5. [What Throttle Relearn Function Can Do for You?] Is your vehicle's idle speed too low, too high or erratic? And you may see the check engine light come on with the idle speed related trouble codes. LAUNCH CRP129E automotive scan tool can perform throttle body relearn (aka Idle Relearn) to obtain the smooth idle speed after replacing electronic throttle body, disconnecting a battery cable, clearing a check engine light, etc.
  • 6. [How would Battery Matching Function Help You?] When the Main battery is replaced, or battery monitoring sensor is replaced,battery matching must be performed. This function enables you to perform a resetting operation on the monitoring unit of the vehicle battery, in which the original low battery fault information will be cleared and the battery matching will be done.
  • 7. [What DPF Regeneration Function Can Do for You?] This function enables you to clear PM (Particulate Matter) from the D-P-F filter through continuous combustion oxidation mode (such as high-temperature heating combustion, fu-el additive or catalyst reduce PM ignition combustion) to stabilize the filter.

Vehicle Supported:

1. American Area: For Jeep, Usa ford, General Motors(GM), Dodge, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Opel, Cadillac, Buick, Lincoln, Austford, Acura
2. European Area: For VW, Volvo, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Fiat, Sprinter, Euroford, Smart, Eobd2, Skoda, Seat, Demo, Saab, Dacia, Renault, Citroen, Mini, Benz, Audi, Landrover, Alfa, Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Porsche, Peugeot, Bugatti, Bmw
3. Asian Area: For Infiniti, Suzuki, Subaru, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Tlisuzu, Lexus, Samsung, Daewoo, Nissangtr, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Kia, Jpisuzu

 (Note: Reach us to check compatibility before purchase:
LAUNCH Creader CRP129E 4 System Diagnostic

Full OBD2 Functions

This scanner supports all 10 test modes for OBD-II cars which are great for daily repair work. The table below describes the purpose of each mode of operation:
$01 - Request Current Powertrain Diagnostic Data
$02 - Request Powertrain Freeze Frame Data
$03 - Request Emission-Related Diagnostic Trouble Codes
$04 - Clear/Reset Emission-Related Diagnostic Information
$05 - Request Oxygen Sensor Monitoring Test Results
$06 - Request On-Board Monitoring Test Results for Specific Monitored Systems
$07 - Request Emission-Related Diagnostic Trouble Codes Detected During Current or Last Completed Driving Cycle
$08 - Request Control of On-Board System Test or Component
$09 - Request Vehicle Information
$0A - Request Emission-Related Diagnostic Trouble Codes with Permanent Status

LAUNCH Scanner CRP129E Other Functions:

1)Auto VIN & DTC Library Lookup: Come with the latest Auto VIN Scan Technology, LAUNCH scanner CRP129E can quickly automatically identify vehicle information, like brand, year, make, model and etc. The built-in DTC library allows you to retrieve the definition of the diagnostic trouble code. Saves your effort in Google searching. *NOTE: AutoVIN feature does NOT work on ALL vehicles. You always can navigate your vehicle manually to perform diagnostics/services.
2)Lifetime Free WiFi Update:  Never need to worry about your LAUNCH scanner CRP129E will be outdated. LAUNCH CRP129E obd2 scanner provides lifetime free updates. Free your wallet from costly renewals which may be hundreds of bucks! Unlike those tedious upgrade steps that require a computer connection, just one click to update via wifi, you can always enjoy more features, newer vehicles, and better performance.
3)Real-time Voltage Monitoring: A faulty charging system will lead the car out of work. As the upgrade version of LAUNCH CRP123E, LAUNCH CRP129E adds Real-Time Battery Monitoring, allowing you to monitor vehicle battery voltage automatically with reliable real-time graph data. It helps you to determine the battery's health status, and get early warnings for possible battery and charging system problems.


4)4-IN-1 Live Stream Graph: 4 Live data streams can be merged in one graph for easy and intuitive car diagnosis. LAUNCH CRP129E obd2 scanner also displays the dynamic live data in Numbers & lists (default mode) and wave patterns. Multiple modes will help you to easily monitor how a vehicle is performing in real-time. The live data can be recorded and played back in text format or graph format. The diagnostic information also can be taken screenshots and shared via email.
5)Share & Print Diagnostic Report: LAUNCH CRP129E will automatically generate a diagnostic report after diagnostic work. The report includes car VIN, brand/model, year, device information, and well-explained inspection result. For car workshop, if you want customers to see your workshop information on the diagnostic report? Just set the workshop information in the settings. You can e-mail the diagnostic report to yourself or a friend/customer in PDF format, or print off the report by connecting the scanner to a PC.
6)Timely Online Feedback: Feel confused about certain diagnostic problems? You can feedback on-line to submit the vehicle issue to LAUNCH for analysis and troubleshooting. And then you will get valuable solutions.


7)Wide Vehicle Coverage: LAUNCH scanner CRP129E is compatible with most OBD2-compliant vehicles after 1996 regardless of the origin. As a 4 systems diagnostic tool, CRP129E supports 67+ car makers and over 10000+ models, including popular cars from Europe, Asia and US. It is worth mentioning that you will keep getting new models through the online update. This function is super helpful, especially for local dealers to win more businesses. (Note: Reach us to check compatibility before purchase:
8)11 Languages Supported: LAUNCH CRP129E is designed to service global users with different language backgrounds and this is the reason why it is multilingual. The default language of this device is English. It can now support up to 11 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Korean. Easily change language in the Setting menu.
9)MALL Service: Since the upgrade in 2023, you can subscribe to the full functions (single brand) in the Mall to know "exactly" what is wrong with your vehicle and fix the issue immediately. Full function(single brand) , same as X431 series function, can support a lot of OEM advanced functions, such as full system diagnosis, bidirectional control, reset function, ECU coding ect. The data shows that more than 35% of customers are willing to purchase full function to enjoy a better experience. Note: Check compatibility before purchasing.


What's the Difference between CRP129E and CRP129?

Launch CRP129E is the Upgraded Version of Classic Scanner CRP129
* Larger 5" display touch screen;
* Two more special services (TPMS Service, Throttle Adaptation) than CRP129;
* Auto VIN technology;
* Automatic Inspection Report
For any small repair auto stores, and DIY mechanics involved in the technical work to rectify the car fault issues more precisely and efficiently.

LAUNCH Creader CRP129E 4 System Diagnostic

Screen: 5 touch screen
Battery: 4000mah rechargeable Li-battery
OBD II Input Voltage Range: 9-18V
Charging Via: DC 5V charging cable or Diagnostic cable through connection to vehicles DLC
Working temperature: -10 to 50C (14 to 122 F°)
Storage temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158F°)

Package includes:

1pc x Creader Professional 129E
1pc x OBD II diagnostic cable
1pc x DC 5V charging cable
1pc x User manual
1pc x Carrying bag

Contact Information:

Whatsapp: +86  18186426016

Scan QR code to order anywhere and anytime by mobile phone
Scan QR code to order anywhere and anytime by mobile phone

Technical Service

CRP123 and CRP129 Registration Process 
1. Go to and click the Launch CRP129 once click update icon.
2. Download and install the CRP129 update tool and launch the program when installed.
3. You will be prompted to type in the serial # (located on the back of the tool) 
4. After the Serial # is entered select update and enter the following information. Click Submit 
5. The Register code can be found by connecting the supplied USB cord to the CRP12X and inserted into the computer.  
6. When the tool has powered up, place curser on the Help icon and press the OK button. 
7. Select Tool Information press OK. 
8. This is the Register Code number for inputting into step 4 (Return to step 4 and input the code and then proceed)
9. Install the TF card from the tool into the supplied USB TF card adapter and insert into USB port of CPU.
10. Reopen the CRP update Suite and select the updates you would like to preform or click select all and click Download. 
11. Once all steps are complete, reinsert the TF card into the tool and power the tool via USB in computer or via OBD2 port in vehicle. The tool will prompt you to upgrade, select OK button on tool to proceed.
12. The registration process is now complete!