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Launch CReader CRP123 review

Paid $125 for a Launch CReader CRP123 and used it for two months, I was impressed at this thing was able to pick up many areas. I am considering making a objective review to this tool performance and operation. CRP123 is not the most powerful, but it can do what I paid.

Launch CReader CRP123 arrived at me in a good package condition; it is packed in a small red-black box, how much it looks like a mobile phone. Open the case, the CRP123 tablet is elegant, small and comfortable in my hand; it can’t be more like a game player with rubber buttons and 3.5″ 320*480 lattice high-definition color LCD screen. You can imagine how it is easy to operate.
crp123 diagnose-01
Compare with the more powerful scanner, CReader CRP123 has limit on all system diagnostic, it can only access to four systems (ENG-TCM-ABS-SRS). However it has a wide vehicle coverage mainly supports Asian & American brands (33 in total). A detailed report of software coverage was beyond the scope of my brief. However, I did use CReader CRP123 for a typical range of general workshop tasks (read and clear trouble code, read datastream, etc) on a typical range of workshop makes and models.
Here several brands I test OK and not ok:
1999 Chevy crewcab ls2500 4wd 5.7 gasoline v8, read transmission codes OK
2001 Honda crv pull abs code OK. 
2010 Honda clear the TPMS code OK
ABS problem on my 2002 GMC 2500HD pickup OK
Read srs codes on my 09 chevy 1500 not ok
04 Chevy 1500 not ok
crp123 coverage-02crp123 function-03crp123-menu-044472-exhaust-pressure-sensor-059223-airbag-srs-reset-tool-06

Being a standard a diagnostic scan tool, CRP123 has a nice feature that is graphing a live data stream. The reason that this is so important is to enable the vehicle technician to examine the relationships between the various sensors, actuators and calculated values. This is critical for intermittent fault finding and for vehicle problems which don’t set diagnostic trouble codes. In this respect the CRP123 did a good job. The live data is selected from an array of available parameters and then graphed. The graphed data can be shown as separate graphs or combined in a job graph. The scales are auto ranging and they can be reset to align them to the current operating conditions.

Moreover, CRP123 progresses faster from reading code or live data. Also the most I like that it can custom 3 sensor output on data sreen compare with other scanner.

Launch CRP123 other nice features: DLC location hints, DTC help
crp123 nice features-08

Launch CRP123 is not only English available: English/French/Spanish
crp123 language-09

In summary:
CRP123 is a great scanner. It does the same job the more expensive brands do, but for a far more reasonable price. Works with far more vehicles than many other scanners in it’s price range! Definitely happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone, from a “weekend mechanic” who works on his own cars – to a professional garage!