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How to activate more IMMO functions for LAUNCH X431 diagnostic tool

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Two Years Update Service for Launch X431 IMMO Activation on PAD VII,PAD V,PRO5,PAD V ELITE,PRO ELITE

Two Years Subscription Two Years Update Service for Launch X431 IMMO Activation on PAD VII,PAD V,PRO5,PAD V ELITE,PRO ELITE

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This is only 2 years update service for Launch X431 IMMO Activation (LAUNCH IMMO Function Authorization) on PAD VII,PAD V/ PAD V Elite,PRO5, PRO ELITE. No need shipping.
For the anti-theft function: PAD V/ PAD VII/ PRO5 with IMMO Activation software = IMMO PLUS, which more cost-effective upgrades service to help every auto mechanic, DIYer, etc. expand your business!!

Although the LAUNCH X431 series diagnostic tools (Pad VII, Pad V, Pro5) equipped with X-PROG3 have many programming software, they have fewer anti-theft functions than the X431 IMMO Plus / IMMO Elite.

If you want the same anti-theft function as X431 IMMO Plus or IMMO Elite, you need to activate the Launch X431 IMMO add Function.


Function Description:

Anti-theft software card allows users to configure anti-theft software for their diagnostic scan tools. Enhanced anti-theft functions for vehicles will include anti-theft password reading, key matching, anti-theft ECU replacement, ECU cloning, and other functions.


Applicable Users:

Users with applicable diagnostic scan tools and X-PROG3 that support anti-theft functions for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche can purchase anti-theft software cards for over 100 other brands.

Users with only applicable diagnostic scan tools can purchase X-PROG3 and anti-theft software cards to support anti-theft functions for more than 100 brands, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.


Card Types:

X-431 IMMO Diagnostic Add-on Kit - 2 Years Purchase, XNR-SS442-2

X-431 IMMO Diagnosis Add-On Kit - 1 Year Renewal, XNR-SS442


Procedure of Activation:

1. Enter the mall and select Activation/Renewal of IMMO Vehicle Software.


2. Select Subscription Renewal Card Pay in the lower right corner.


3. Enter the 24-digit card password to activate.


4. After activation, you can enter the software update center to update the anti-theft software with the anti-theft label "_IMMO".


5. After the upgrade, enter the vehicle diagnosis page, and you can see that an IMMO function module has been added, and the anti-theft software of each car system is below.


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