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MID-YEAR Sale 2 Years Free Update US/UK/EU Ship TPMS Tool Launch X431 CRP919X OBD2 All System Diagnostic Tool with 31 Service 2024 Bi-Directional Scan Tool Added TPMS & BST360, ECU Coding, CAN FD/DoIP

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4 LAUNCH CRP919: LAUNCH CRP919X Launch X431 CRP919X OBD2 All System Diagnostic Tool with 31 Service 2024 Bi-Directional Scan Tool Added TPMS & BST360, ECU Coding, CAN FD/DoIP
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Product Description

  1. Launch X431 CRP919X OBD2 All System Diagnostic Tool with 31 Service 2024 Bi-Directional Scan Tool Added TPMS & BST360, ECU Coding, CAN FD/DoIP
  2. 2-Years Free Update Online
Launch X431 CRP919X OBD2 All System Diagnostic Tool with 31 Service 2024 Bi-Directional Scan Tool Added TPMS & BST360, ECU Coding, CAN FD/DoIP

To acquire more profitable businesses to construct a higher-level diagnostic scanner, LAUNCH CRP919X with wider vehicle compatibility & quicker diagnostics for all users or customers. CRP919X loads super Android 10.0 OS & 3+32GB memory, which can run faster vehicle diagnostics than ever.

Optimized combination of LAUNCH Creader VII/ CRP123/ CRP123X/ CRP129/ CRP129X/ CRP129E/ CRP Touch pro elite/ CRP909E/ CR909X, LAUNCH CRP919X builds on their strengths and acts on its unique features: Superior hardware configuration, Added repair functions, Bi-directional control (Active test), 20000+ worldwide models, New Protocols DoIP & CAN FD, etc., making all disadvantages perish and achieving itself an essential entry-level diagnostic tablet for beginners, technicians, repair workshops, and advanced DIYers.

Reasons for Choosing LAUNCH CRP919X:

1. LAUNCH CRP919X Scanner Featured Cost-effective & Functional New Definition 2024 Updated Functions & Vehicle Coverage
2. ECU Coding: Solve more ECU-related issues, personalization, modification, retrofitting, etc.
3. Bi-directional Control: Upgrade the software version to make CRP919X bidirectional scanner to troubleshoot more problems in easy ways.
4. 31+ Reset Functions: We additionally add 15 new functions to this new scan tool to meet increasing repair needs
5. New Protocols CAN FD & DoIP: Accelerate 2x faster vehicle data communication.
6. 99% of Vehicle Coverage: 100+ brands, 10000+ models, Autoauth FCA vehicles access, no IP limitation.
7. 2 Years Free Update Online: We offer a 2-year updating period to users who buy LAUNCH CRP919X scanners. As to those scan tools with only 1-year updating, you can get more new functions, renew data, fix pending bugs, etc.
8. Compatible with BST360 battery tester and TSGUN.
9. OE-Level All System Diagnostics
10. Supported Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Polish.

More High-end Functions:
  • All System Diagnostics scan all accessible system modules and clear the fault codes.
  • Diagnostic Report: facilitates checking the vehicle status before and after diagnostics.
  • Auto VIN: automatically identifies vehicle information (model, make, year).
  • Compatibility Check: one-click checks vehicle & functional compatibility.
  • Online Feedback: allows you to submit unsolved problems and get online professional help.
  • Code Search: quickly obtains the DTC definition and connects to “Google” for more online help & tips.
  • BETTER Settings:Android 10.0 OS;4-Core Processor ;3G/32G Memory ;6100mAh Battery ;7” Touch Screen

2024 LAUNCH CRP919X New Functions -- ECU Coding & Personalization

ECU Coding Functions are advanced features for high-end vehicles that aim to increase business & profits for repair shops. Prior to this, you may think that only dealers can do the job of “Modifying The Codes”, “Flash The Hidden Functions”, etc. But from now on, this updated LAUNCH CRP919X scanner for all vehicles also loads the same OE-level coding functions.

What can this LAUNCH CRP919X scanner do for vehicle diagnostics?

LAUNCH CRP919X has got ECU Coding to make matching, calibration, relearning, personalization, and customization on ECU module components. This is super great for mechanics to set up new auto parts, and customize vehicle builds as much as possible:
Offline Coding: read the code from the original module, and then write the code to the new module, such as adaptation for Ford, for Mazda, etc. Offline Coding is available for Jaguar, Vauxhall, Opel, etc.
Refresh Hidden Functions: activate the hidden features or Disable car functions that you probably won't use, such as auto side mirrors folding function, automatic engine Start-Stop function, etc.
Recode the adaptive data: making sure the newly-installed ECU modules will work in harmony with the rest of the system after repair.
Fix complex ECU-controlled issues: such as low fu^el efficiency, mysterious power loss, unknown fault in mechanical parts, etc.
Make the general model to be deluxe, and enhance the driving experience: make the moving pointer perform self-check, display the amount of fu^el consumption, activate a beep sound, one press to close all windows, flash all brake lights during emergency braking, make turn signal light & rear fog light alternatively flash, activate & deactivate daytime running lights, etc.
Disable car functions that you probably won't use.
Note: The above settings & modifications are not compatible with all vehicle models. You can message us to learn more details.

Note: 1) Coding functions vary by model. You can check the compatibility by sending VIN to us. 2) No ECU Programming.

Functionality and coverage are often important considerations when shopping for diagnostic tools. LAUNCH CRP919X auto scan tool comes with wider coverage and clears all your concerns on vehicle compatibility. Its diagnostics apply to global 100+ vehicle brands and 10000+ vehicle models (1996-2024). The high-frequency data updating per 3 months on average will also optimize the abundant database and load more data on newly released vehicle models (updating to 2024). Never be out of date.

2024 NEW! Support CAN-FD: for some GM cars (2020 TRAX, Cavalier, GL8 Avenir ...)
2024 NEW! Support DoIP: for Volvo, Land Rover/Jaguar, BMW F/G Chassis …

100+ Car Brands for all-system diagnostics & special functions: most commonly-seen car brands in the U.S. like GM, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Benz, BMW, Renault, Land Rover, Volvo, Chrysler, Jaguar, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan …
And the constant software updates will add more new car models to the coverage!
As an OBD2 code reader to support most OBD2 cars compatible with J1850 PWM, CAN, ISO9141, J1850 VPW & KWP2000 protocols, made after 1996 in the US, 2000 in the EU, and 2008 in Asia.
The expanded coverage makes this scan tool ideal for mechanics to better deal with the fleet of vehicles coming into the workshop.

FCA Vehicle Autoauth Access
FCA US has partnered with LAUNCH CRP919X diagnostic tools for secure access to SGW vehicles and perform “Read DTC”, “Read Data Stream”, “Actuation Test”, “Maintenance Functions”, etc. Compatible with Chrysler, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, etc. (2017 and newer).

Ensure LAUNCH scan tools have the latest software(valid software subscription required).
Tools need to be connected to the Internet.
Users will enter AutoAuth Credentials when prompted on the tool to SGW vehicles.

New CAN FD & DoIP Protocol Supporting
LAUNCH scanners are always connected with the needs of their customers. Therefore, the 2024 version of LAUNCH CRP919X introduces new protocols CAN FD & DoIP to the vehicle diagnostic process for enhancing vehicle diagnostic speed and vehicle communication rate.
CAN FD standard in LAUNCH CRP919X increases bit rate of up to 4 Mbit/s during payload transmission and processes greater quantities of diagnostic data, and saves both time and costs. Compatible with GM models (2021 and later).
DoIP allows your CRP919X scanner to run a 100Mbit/s ultra-faster data transfer rates at a low hardware cost and achieve remote vehicle diagnostics capabilities in all ECUs connected to it. Compatible with BMW (F&G chassis), Volvo models (2018 later), Land Rover & Jaguar models (2017 later).

100+ Vehicle Brands, 10000+ American, European, and Asian Vehicles

[America]: Compatible with Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, etc.
[Asia]: Compatible with Acura, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, etc.
[Europe]: Compatible with Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Citroen, Dacia, Ferrari, Fiat, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lancia, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Porsche, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Sprinter, Vauxhall, Volvo, VW, etc.

Bi-directional Control Scanner Quickly Locates Vehicle Problems within 5 Minutes

Why LAUNCH CRP919X Can Be Your Ideal Choice?

When you run the LAUNCH CRP919X bidirectional scanner, it helps you to pinpoint what and where the problem is. For example, you could use the CRP919X scanner automotriz to send a command “lifting the windows” to your vehicle, a) if the windows are raised properly, there are some mechanical problems (sensor, actuator, etc.) with your windows; b) if not, you can check the circuit, battery, or cable.

Some highlights of the LAUNCH CRP919X:

Operating bi-directional control (active test) easily without vehicle control.
Including various active tests: device acceleration, vehicle level position, windows, doors, sunroof, wipers, radiator fan, mirrors, sound horn, A/C compressor clutch relay, cooling fan, fu~el system, engine speed/throttle, etc.
Diagnostic efficiency: you don’t need to spend a lot of time disassembling the entire door to find out why the window won't lift.
Covering American, Asian, and European mainstream vehicles.
Suiting for DIYers, home repair mechanics, technicians, repair garages, etc.

What is a Bi-directional scanner?

Bidirectional control is a generic term used to describe sending and receiving information between one device and another. The mechanics can use a bidirectional scan tool to request vehicle information or send commands to a module to perform specific tests and functions, which can help you quickly check out the vehicle problems.

Why Do We Need A Bi-directional Scan Tool?

1).If you don't want to drive your car to a shop and cost a sum of diagnostic fees, you can run a bidirectional scanner to check it yourself and finish some simple part replacing. If you have several cars in your home, this scan tool will save you a lot and recoup your expenses for this tool in a short time.
2).The interesting thing about a bidirectional scanner (as opposed to a standard one) is that it can do more than read the OBD's inputs. It can also send outputs to test a variety of modules in your car, including Brakes and ABS; Engine Functions; Transmission Functions; Door Lock Systems; Battery Health; Oxygen, Air Pressure, and Temperature Sensors, etc.
3).What would you do if the wipers stopped working? Just replace one or spend a lot money to fix it? Don't be in a hurry to dismantle your cars!
    Bidirectional control tool CRP919X can perform real active test that can send commands to the vehicle's ECU to drive the actuators to work, like ABS, window, door, solenoids, valves, wipers, headlamp, etc, helping you quickly find out bad parts and pinpoint faulty issues.
4).For example: using the diagnostic scanner to command the fuel pump. If the fuel pressure gauge shows proper fuel pressure, you'd know the fuel pump circuit and pump are functioning properly. The process just takes < 5 minutes. If test manually? At least 3X times as long!

NOTICE: Kindly send your VIN to check compatibility as the function vary on cars.

31+ HOT Car Maintenance Functions and Updating

As the ever-changing technological development and the increasing number of vehicle repair problems advance by leaps and bounds, the LAUNCH CRP919X scanner has added more reset functions up to 31+ and renewed vehicle coverage to reach deeper & all-around diagnostics to every detail. 15+16 function combination makes this CRP919X the top cost-effective scanner of 400 buck level.
31 Reset Service
1. A/F Reset
2. Brake Reset
3. Oil Reset
4. SAS Reset
5. Battery Reset
6. ABS Bleeding
7. Electric Throttle Relearn
8. TPMS Reset
9. Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
10. EGR Adaption
11. Air Conditioning System Relearn / Initialization
12. Adblue Reset
13. AFS Reset
14. Coolant Bleed
15. Engine Power Balance Monitoring
16. Gear Learn
17. Gearbox Learn
18. High Voltage Battery Diagnostics
19. IMMO
20. InjectorCoding
21. Language Change
22. NOX Sensor Reset
23. Seats Calibration
24. Stop/Start Reset
25. Sunroof
26. SUS Reset
27. Transport Mode
28. Type Reset
29. Windows Calibration
30. Intelligent Cruise Control System Reset
31. Gas Particulate Filter Regeneration

Oil Maintenance Reset: this enables you to reset the oil service for the engine oil life system.
Steering Angle Reset: help erase the record of the old steering angle sensor and overwrite it with a new one to ensure the SAS system works properly.
Basic TPMS Reset: reset tire pressure and turn off the TPMS light after replacement.
BMS Reset: reset the monitoring unit of the car battery after replacing the battery or battery monitoring sensors.
ABS Bleeding: remove the trapped air, and ensure your car remains safe to drive.
Injector Coding: write the new injector code into the car system for the correct cylinder injection quantity.
EBP: help replace and reset the brake pad.
Throttle Adaptation: initialize the throttle actuators to the default state.
TPMS Reset: reset the tire pressure.
Immobilizer: Disable the lost k^eys and add new k^eys for old antitheft IMMO cars.
Gear Learning: help finish tooth learning after changing the crankshaft in the car engine.
Suspension Reset: adjust the vehicle body height sensor for level calibration.
AFS Headlamp Reset: initialize the adaptive headlamp system.
Gearbox Reset: help complete the gearbox self-learning to gear shifting quality.
Newly Updated Functions Solve More Module Reset/Relearn

Coolant Bleeding, Language Setting, NOX Reset, Seat Calibration, Transport Mode, Tyre Setting, Throttle Adaptation, Stop/Start, Power Balance, AC System Relearn/Initialization, Windows Calibration, High Voltage Battery Diagnostics, Intelligent Cruise Control System, G-a-s Particulate Filter Regeneration. (Keep updating later).

“Mall” Allows to Buy More Features

The LAUNCH Code Reader Pro Scan Tool CRP919X thoughtfully adds the “Mall” module:
Includes a vast array of enhanced features & expanded car software for users to buy.
You can make an “in-app” purchase anytime to meet more diagnostic needs.
No idea if the feature is compatible with your car models? check the compatibility list right on the diagnostic scanner.

One-Click to Scan All ECUs!

With this all-system diagnostic scanner, you can 1) monitor the transmission in real-time and find out the temperature of transmission fluid while driving; 2) monitor and check on the SRS system health, e.g. airbags, impact sensors; 3) get the fault codes in the anti-l-o-c-k braking system that could be a serious warning of potentially risky problems …
AUTO SCAN: straightforwardly get detailed info about the car, ranging from engine type to where it was manufactured. Then it offers full-system diagnosis and comprehensive codes after finishing scanning and detection.
4 in-1 Live Data Graph: Monitor real-time Live Data Stream displayed in text or graph; can be merged for easier view, and recorded or replayed for further analysis.
Diagnostic History Function, Recording Every Detail of Diagnosis: Real-time data stream supports the graphical, textual, and analog display of complete real-time data and parameters of multiple systems to facilitate real-time monitoring of the working condition of electronic components for troubleshooting but supports up to 4 textual data streams combined to generate graphical data streams at the same time.
Control Modules: If you wanted to check a certain system, ‘control modules’ will be a better choice.
Read fault codes: read DTCs to identify where the fault location is;
Clear fault codes: erase the DTCs to turn off the MIL after repairs;
Retrieve ECU information: this allows you to retrieve vehicle information, such as year, model, manufacturer, engine type...
Once the scan is complete, a diagnostic inspection report will be generated automatically to list the detailed inspection result in a row, accurate and fast, letting you maintain vehicle health logs. You can save, print the report, and share it via email for expert advice.

Package List:

1* CRP 919X Handset
1*OBDII Diagnostic cable
1*5V DC Charging cable1
1*Power adaptor
1*Quick Start Guide
1* User's Manual

Contact Information:

Whatsapp: +86  18186426016

Scan QR code to order anywhere and anytime by mobile phone
Scan QR code to order anywhere and anytime by mobile phone

Technical Service

Features CRP123X CRP129X CRP909X CRP919X X431 Pro5
RAM & ROM 2G+16G 2G+16G 2G+16G 3G+32G  
Full System Diagnosis ABS/SRS/Transmission/Engine ABS/SRS/Transmission/Engine
Special Reset Functions   Oil/EPB/SAS/TPMS/Throttle Body Reset 26+ Service Functions 31+ Service Functions 50+ Service Functions
Bi-directional control (Active Test)      
ECU Coding        
FCA AutoAuth      
J2534 ECU Programming        
Screen Display 3.5" Touch Screen 5.0" Touch Screen 7" Touch Screen + Keyboard 7" Touch Screen + Keyboard 10.1" Touch Screen + Keyboard
Opration System Android 7.0 Android 7.0 Android 7.1 Android 10.0 Android 9.0
CANFD & DoIP      
Vehicles Supported 57+ Brands 57+ Brands 80+ Brands 100+ Brands 150+ Brands
Battery Capacity 6100mAh 6100mAh 6100mAh 6100mAh 7000mAh
Software Update Lifetime Free Update Lifetime Free Update 2 Years Free Update 2 Years Free Update 2 Years Free Update

Latest Update Information from June 8th 2023, Launch CRP919X can support the following functions:

1. Add the Tire pressure function, and TPMS entry is added in Other Modules on the Home screen;
2. Optimization of data stream loading;
3. Multilingual languages supported for Special function , newly added languages are as follows: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Romonia ,Hungarian, Chinese,Slovak, Japanese, Korean  ;
4. Add battery detection Entry;

How to use BST360 Battery Tester Function on Launch CRP919X?
1. Update your Launch CRP919X to the latest version, then you will see the BST360 entry on the Main Screen

2. Click the option BST360, then Click Bluetooth Connection

3. then connect the BST360 Battery Tester with your car to test it.
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