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MID-YEAR Sale 2 Years Free Update LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite ECU Online Programming & Coding Scan Tool, Full System Diagnostic Scanner Support Topology Map,39+ Reset Functions

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2 LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite: X431 PAD V Elite Global Version LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite ECU Online Programming & Coding Scan Tool, Full System Diagnostic Scanner Support Topology Map,39+ Reset Functions
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Product Description

X-431 PAD V ELITE is a high-end comprehensive diagnostic scanner with charging base newly developed based on the Android 7.1. It supports dual 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi communications, with features such as wide vehicle model coverage, powerful diagnostic functions, and accurate test data. Its IP65 case has exceptional damage resistance for water and dust, which will make workshop work easier and more comfortable. All these unique features will offer you a luxury experience of vehicle diagnosis.
LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite ECU Online Coding & Programming Diagnostic Scanner, Support Bidirectional Control, J2534 Programming, Topology Map, 60+ Free Reset Functions

One-Stop Solution for All Pro-level Needs — Launch X431 Pad V Elite, one of the world's most intelligent automotive diagnostic tablets, specially designed for workshops and vehicle repairing houses, which will make workshop work easier and more comfortable. All these unique features will offer you a luxury experience of vehicle diagnosis.
Launch X431 PAD V is identical to the X431 PAD Ⅶ ELITE except for screen size and battery capacity, also Launch X431 PAD V is much cheaper than it.


LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite Highlights:

1. Global Version Without IP Limitation
2. 2 Years Free Update Online
 Full System Diagnostic: Read codes/live data/module info, Clear codes, freeze frame and more on ENG/ABS/AT/SAS/SRS/TPMS/EPB/IMMO/BMS/... Systems.
4. ECU Online Coding and Online Programming: Upgrade ECU software and firmware, while also programming new ECUs to enhance vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and durability.
5. J2534 Programming: J2534 Reprograming Using Smartlink C Adapter (As a Local J2534 PassThru device) Note: Reach us to get the J2534 Operation manual.
6. Bi-directional Control and 60+ Hot Services: Save Daily Cars Maintenance Time and Money
7. AutoAuth for FCA SGW: For the vehicle equipped with SGW (Security Gateway) module, you can lend a hand from LAUNCH X431 PAD V car tools to login the FCA account and perform the functions.
8. Wider Vehicle Coverage: X431 PAD V Elite supports 200,000+ cars worldwide, and also supports PEV ( pure electric vehicle ) & 24V Diesels. (PS: 24V Heavy Duty Module needs to extra purchase)
9. VAG Guided Functions and Topology Map & Pin Detection: X-431 PAD V ELITE can help and guide you to do fast repairs.
11. D-PDU/ DoIP/ J2534/ RP1210/ CANFD&DOIP Protocols: PAD V is compatible with more car models and modules than its peers in the market!
12. The PAD V ELITE is an upgraded version of the PAD V with a more top-of-the-line hardware version but with the same features

The X-431 PAD V Elite supports ADAS calibration and eight extended modules:

High-level hardware configuration:

Operating System: Android 7.1 operating system and 8-core Processor
- 2.OGHz CPU can work faster
- RAM: 4 GB, ROM: 128 GB, support TF card up to 256 GB
- Battery: 9360 mAh lithium polymer battery
- Screen: 10.1" capacitive touch screen
- Launch X431 PAD V Elite comes with intelligent diagnostic connector Smartlink C which supports multiple communication modes by USB, BT and WIFI and all actual diagnostic protocols (J2534, D-PDU, RP1210, CAN FD, DOIP), 3.5'' touchscreen, memory: 256M, Storage: 8GB, working temp: 0~50°C.


With SmartLink c, LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite automotive scanner can be compliant to D-PDU, SAE J2534 & RP1210 to update OEM software, replace the existing software/ firmware in ECU, fix ECU parameter loss, programming new ECU and fix software-controlled drivability issues and emission issues. X431 PAD V Elite can do ECU programming for 30+ car brands, including for VW, for Ford, for Audi, for BMW, for Hyundai, for Kia, for Land Rover, for MG, for Benz, for Porsche, for Renault, for Seat, for Skoda, for Subaru and more. Reach us to get the car coverage list.

NOTE: All of the above programming functions are not supported in Portugal and Spain for the time being; North America (U.S.A., Canada and Mexico) currently only supports for Mercedes-Benz and BMW models software online programming functions.

When you need to do online programming?
  • Unprogrammed blank module / Control module not coded
  • The module data record is lost and the control unit is damaged
  • Fuel Quality defective Firmware Upgrade
  • Software upgrade/part number upgrade

LAUNCH X431 PAD V is an excellent and cost-effective programming tool. It has many functions that other scanners do not have, including:

1. Support for programming backup/recovery (used with X431 G3 X-PROG 3).
2. Part number upgrade
3. Automatic identification of part numbers
4. Backup and recovery functions.
5. Supports manual programming for Volkswagen/Audi/Benz
6. Audi Fule Quality Defect Firmware Upgrade
7. Online code setting
8. Online matching and calibration
9. Online parametric configuration functions


You can download the latest version of software from the online server database through Internet access (this procedure is done automatically when the scan tool is connected to the Internet, so there is no need to check for software updates yourself), and reprograms the newest version into the vehicle's ECU:

Click Local Diagnose menu> Choose Porsche model> Find the online function> No online programming function on the menu> Go back to the main menu> Click other Modules> Click the Bulit-in apps above> Click files> Click lntrnal Storge> Click cnlaunch folder> Click X-431 PADV folder> Click assets folder> Drop down to find the StdCfg.ini file> Click on the “ES Note Editor” file manager> Drop down> Find OnlineFlash and Flash> Select the Edit option in the upper right corner> Start to change data> Change OnlineFlash=0 to OnlineFlash=1> Change Flash=0 to Flash=1> Save it after modification> Go back to the diagnostic menu to get the online programming function

Why is the LAUNCH X431 PAD V scan tool more powerful than other J2534 tool?
  • The X431 PAD V online programming does not require expensive online accounts, just connect to WIFI, saving maintenance costs. J2534 programming tool needs to download OEM software and login account (annual subscription is required).
  • SmartLink c adapter adopts dual WIFI communication to improve programming speed, thereby reducing the possibility of programming errors
  • When using J2534 tool, in addition to the connector, it is also necessary to consider issues such as adapting the computer, installation costs, and complete functions, which is not cost-effective.



X431 PAD V Elite enables you to transmit control commands to operate the vehicle systems, without using the vehicles' controls, to verify system input and output such as:
1. Turn on the radiator fan / Turn on interior & exterior lights / Turn on sound horn / Modulate the throttle / Open & close windows / Operate mirrors / Test door lock actuators/ Injector Test
2. Turn Off ACC Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) ;
3. Turn ON/OFF Front and Rear side ACM Solenoid, turning the fuel pump on and off, cycling the a/c, clutch on and off
4. Left clutch electromagnetic coil test, Acceleration Device Test, Oil Pressure Control Test, DYNAMIC camera aiming, Vehicle level position calibration, Brake Vacuum Pump, Inlet and Outlet Valve tests, Open Brakes tests, Parking Brake Motors, Wheel Speed Sensor Supply, PARKING BRAKE tests, Suspension Level Control Calibration( rodeo test).

Modification Car Diagnostic Tool

To improve car performance and enhance your experience as a driver or owner, you can change or add the functions by changing or adding certain modules that haven’t already in your vehicle, such as adding a satellite navigation system, courtesy lamps, car phone, parking sensors, atmosphere lights, etc.; Compatible with Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, etc.

Online Parameterization/Flash Hidden Functions: has function help and expert mode, which can guide the operation efficiently

Activate the high-level functions: customizing the interior lights; automatic door locking at a particular speed; activating adaptive headlights; changing the brightness of the dashboard; reversing the tilt mirrors; etc.
Disable the annoying functions: deactivating the auto start-stop; injector buzz sounds; locking seat belt warning sounds; changing the chimes; automatic door locking at a particular speed; mirror auto folding and unfolding; etc.

OBDI&OBDII Connectors and cables cover almost all vehicles in the world

LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite automotive scanner comes with 15 obd1 Connectors: TOYOTA-17, TOYOTA-22,HONDA-3, MAZDA-17,FORD-6+1,NISSAN-14+16,SSANG YONG-20 , CHRYSLER-6, SUBARU-9 , KIA-20, DAEWOO-12 ,GEELY-22 ,GMVAZ-12, DAEWOO-12, BMW-20, BENZ-38.UNIVERSAL-3 diagnostic connector type.12 Cables : GAZ , OBDII-16 EXTEND CABLE , SSANG YONG-14, SUZUKI-3, AUDI-4, FIAT-3, MITSUBISHI HYUNDAI-12+16, OBD1 ADAPTOR, BENZ-14, NISSAN-14+16, DAIHUATSU-4, POWER CABLE CLIPS. Gigabit networks cable.

More interfaces: USB Type C/USB Type-A/TF slot, OBD I Adaptor BOX transfer line ,Double clamp power line, The cigarette lighter line, QC3.0 fast charging adapter
ATTENTION: The connector HAINAN MAZDA -17+2 socket is removed from the box because it only works in China. since it is removed when they are manufactured by Launch company.

X431 PAD V Elite Full OE-LEVEL Bi-Directional Control Scan Tool


LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite car scan tool provides step-by-step repair guidance for technicians. The function of guiding the use of the product to prevent the car setting caused by the wrong operation. Compatible with VAG series vehicles(Volkswagen / Audi / Skoda / Seat etc.

OEM Topology Mapping, Streamline your Repair Analysis
  • With the topological diagram Function, PAD V Elite can display the entire system through the Topology Map to glance at all the modules with trouble code, which makes it easy to locate faults and causes. Up to 5 ways of DTC display: Easy View of All Systems
  • Topology, list, separately click into the control unit, Intelligent Diagnostics details, vehicle diagnosis report, among which Topology is the newest and innovative configuration.
  • Color-coded topology displays all system statuses in one page and the structure of communication between modules. Communication between modules and status can be spotted at a glance and you can locate faults more intuitively to solve problems quickly! Overall, the "topology mapping" function on the LAUNCH X431 can be an extremely useful tool for mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone else who needs to diagnose and repair vehicle faults. NOTE: Topology is not universal to all vehicles.

PMI(Proarammable Module Installation)

Support PMI function, Compatible with Ford/ Lincoin/ Mazda etc. This function is used when you need to replace a module (replace ECU) or initialize a module. No need to use the J2534 or buy a subscription.

Fault Guidance Function

- Unlike other scanning tools, the X431 PAD V scanner has a unique fault guidance feature. It is designed to help diagnose and troubleshoot vehicle faults more efficiently and accurately by providing detailed information about common faults, including potential causes, symptoms, and possible fixes.
- With this feature, when a fault code is detected, the device will search its database for information related to that code and provide a detailed report to the user. This report may include information about similar faults that have been reported on the same vehicle model or make, as well as any known fixes or workarounds.
- In addition to providing useful information about vehicle faults, it can also help users to save time and reduce the need for trial-and-error methods, by providing clear instructions for troubleshooting and repairing vehicle faults.

Pre-Scan and Post-Scan function, a truly practical function for car workshops:

Step 1. Auto SCAN the Vehicle: the Auto VIN function can automatically identify the vehicle and all equipped systems, codes and code details will be listed.
Step 2. Print Pre-SCAN Report with customized with shop and vehicle information.
Step 3. Repair Vehicle: creates efficient repair plan from the start.
Step 4. Auto SCAN Repaired Vehicle: ensures no new faults were created during repair and no DTCs are present at completion. Step 5. Print Post-SCAN Report: proves all DTCs on Pre-SCAN report are fixed.

LAUNCH X431 PAD V Guided Function for VAG vehicles and Topology Map & Pin Detection


LAUNCH X431 PAD V auto diagnostic tool has been equipped with over 39 commonly used special functions to cope with the complex issues hidden in the systems after repairing.
✔️Get full special functions on the diagnose diagnose menu>select your car model and year>select system> special function

  • Oil Lamp Reset: perform reset for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil.
  • EPB Reset: Help replace and reset the brake pad.
  • BAT battery service(BMS): Clear the fault information of low battery and make it match again
  • D.PF service: Regeneration of diesel particulate filter systems.
  • Fuel Injector Coding: Write the new injector code into the car system for correct cylinder injection quantity.
  • TPMS service: Read TPMS data and point out issues related if there are any.
  • Suspension Reset: Adjust the vehicle body height sensor for level calibration.
  • A/F Reset: Set or learn Air/Fuel ratio parameters
  • Adblue Reset: Reset urea after the diesel exhaust treatment fluid is replaced or filled up.
  • Coolant Bleeding: Activate the electronic water pump
  • Language Change: Change vehicle system language.
  • Nox Sensor Reset: Reset catalytic converter learned value stored in ECU.
  • More functions: Stop/Start Reset, Seat Calibration, Transport Mode, Windows Calibration, AC System Relearn/Initialization, High Voltage Battery Diadnosis, GPF regeneration, Reset Fuel Alcohol Level, Reset Fuel Trim, VGT Reset, Reset Fuel Trim, EGR Valve Learn, Crankshaft Position Variation Learn, Clutch Pedal Position Learn, Idle Learn, Fuel Economy Test, Fuel Alcohol Composition Reset, CBS Reset UDS etc,.(All functions are depending on the specific car models, not for all cars)


X-431 PAD V ELITE NEW OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS (option functions):

X-431 PAD V ELITE Specification:

X-431 PAD V ELITE Package list:

1pc x LAUNCH X431 PAD V ELITE tablet
1pc x SmartLink C 
1pc x for K-20 adapter
1pc x for G/V 12
1pc x for FD 6+1
1pc x for HA 3
1pc x for TA 22
1pc x for TA 17
1pc x for CR 6
1pc x for B 20
1pc x for BZ-38
1pc x for BZ-14
1pc x for M/H-12+16
1pc x for NN/14+16
1pc x OBD main cable
1pc x lighter
1pc x power cable clips
1pc x USB cable
1pc x test cable
1pc x power cable 
2pcs x boxes
6pcs x fuses
1pc x US standard power adapter
1pc x user manual


Contact Information:

Whatsapp: +86  18186426016

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Scan QR code to order anywhere and anytime by mobile phone

Technical Service

LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite is a new product that will be launched in 2024. What upgrades does it have compared to the old version of PAD V, and what are the differences compared to the flagship product PAD VII Elite. This article will list the differences.

LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite, PAD V, PAD VII Elite parameter comparison:

Item Launch X431 PAD V (old) LAUNCH X431 PAD V Elite/ X431 PAD V LINK LAUNCH X431 PAD VII Elite
Image Launch X431 PAD V Launch X431 PAD V Elite Launch X431 PAD VII Elite
Operating system Android 7.1 Android 7.1 Android 9.0
Display 10.1″/IPS 1920*1200

10.1” gorilla glass


13.3″/1920*1080 IPS
CPU 2.0GHz Octa-core 2.0GHz 8-core 2.0GHz Octa-core
Memory 4GB 4GB 8GB
Storage 64GB 128GB 256GB
Camera 13MP Rear+8MB front

13MP Rear+8MB front


13MP Rear+8MB front
VCI Connector Smartbox Smartlink C Smart Link C
VCI Connection 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi/Bluetooth/USB 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi/Bluetooth/USB 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual WiFi/Bluetooth/USB
Battery 9360 mAh 35568 mAh 71440mWh/7.6V
Adjustable Supporting holder Yes Yes Yes
IP65 waterproof & dustproof   Yes Yes
Quick charge technology   Yes Yes
Charging station Yes Yes  
Full system diagnostic Yes Yes Yes
OBDII full functions Yes Yes Yes
Tech-to-tech remote diagnosis Yes Yes Yes
Topology mapping Yes Yes Yes
Smartlink remote diagnosis   Yes Yes
AutoVin Yes Yes Yes
Bi-directional Control Yes Yes Yes
VAG Guided Function Yes Yes Yes
ECU Coding (Online & offline) Yes Yes Yes
Online Programming Yes Yes Yes
J2534 programming Yes Yes Yes
RP1210/D-PDU Yes Yes Yes
J2534 Yes Yes Yes
CAN FD   Yes Yes
DoIP Yes Yes Yes
Complete TPMS service Yes with TSGUN Yes with X431 TSGUN or Launch X431 i-TPMS Yes with X431 TSGUN or Launch X431 i-TPMS
Advanced key programming Yes with X-prog3 and X431 Key programmer Yes with X431 XPROG-3 GIII Key Matching and X431 Key programmer Yes with X431 XPROG-3 GIII Key Matching and X431 Key programmer
ADAS calibration Yes optional Yes optional Yes optional
Service Functions 38+ 39+ 39+
Vehicle coverage Passenger cars Medium & light Duty Vehicle Heavy duty vehicles (Optional) Passenger cars Medium & light Duty Vehicle Heavy duty vehicles (Optional) Passenger cars Medium & light Duty Vehicle Heavy duty vehicles (Optional)
Software Update 2 years free update 2 years free update 2 years free update
Compatible Modules
X431 ADAS Pro Yes Yes Yes
X431 ADAS Mobile Yes Yes Yes
X-prog3 Yes Yes Yes
BST-360 Battery tester Yes Yes Yes
VSP600 videoscope Yes Yes Yes
TSGUN/i-TPMS Yes Yes Yes
Truck software add-on Yes Yes Yes
Oscilloscope O2-1/O2-2 Yes Yes Yes
S2-2 Sensorbox Yes Yes Yes


From the list above, we can see that there is not much difference in functionality between LAUNCH X431 PAD V Eliteand the old PAD V. The adapter has been changed. The new version of PAD V Elite is equipped with SmartLink VCI, which can support DoIP and CAN FD protocols. The old PAD The SmartBox equipped with V does not support CAN FD protocols.

Compared with PAD VII Elite, the functions of PAD V Elite are exactly the same, except that PAD VII Elite has better hardware (larger screen, more memory, updated operating system). The hardware of PAD V Elite is only in It has an advantage in battery capacity, but fortunately the PAD V Elite is cheaper.

It is worth mentioning that although the PAD V Elite operating system sold on many websites says Android 9.0/Android 10.0, the official information still says Android 7.1.

For tech support and best price Pls contact us:

Whatsapp: +86 18186426016

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